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Holmes Adult Carer Service - You Care, We Care

What is a carer?

Quite often people don't recognise that they are a carer, and the impact it can have on their own life.     A carer is anyone who spends time providing social or practical support to a relative or friend ranging from the smallest of tasks such as a telephone call to 24 hour care.

We understand that as a carer you are dedicated however caring can have a significant impact on a your emotional, mental and physical wellbeing. You may not have the time to yourself and sometimes caring can lead to frustration and even put a strain on family relationships and friendships. 

Caring can be physically exhausting, sometimes you will be caring 24/7 including getting up many times during the night.


How we can help you?

HACS (Holmes Adult Carer Service) was formed due to a rising demand for a practical support solution specifically aimed at helping carers. We put carers needs at the forefront of our support aswell as the person with the support need. We are more than just respite, we provide a support network for carers. 


Our hubs are a place where you can meet other carers and chat with our friendly staff who are always happy to give advice. We aim to reduce carer stress, if you as a carer have an issues which are affecting your ability to be a carer (i.e. help applying for carers/attendance allowance) we can support you through this and provide a practical solution. Many of our clients benefit from having someone to talk to as this can often be overlooked once practical support is in place aimed at the care need.

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